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[The feed turns on as a rather unamused and demon-formed sinner, darkly stared at his viewer. Pure bloodlust seeping out of him. For the keen, the little bit of the scene behind him shows a chunk of a tree blown away with rocks and branches scattered everywhere. His deep voice almost playfully spoke.]

So this is how it is, is it? Quite the timing deities. Heh, ha ha ha ha! And right before it all at that! A cruel joke even!

[He maniacally laughed as he covered half of his face. He was just about to strike him. She was only moments away... Aggravation boiled the more he thought of it. He took a few breaths to calm down as he continued on.]

An odd experience indeed to not recall and yet do.

[Private to Luke:]

I've returned. Update me on the current situation.

[ooc; Canon updated and he's returned just today in the evening! So sorry for the major delay in doing so OTL. Open to Ap or just talking! Thanks!]
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[The video feed turns on to show the viewers the outside of the Cathedral as a single Eagle flies by the screen and perches on top of the roof. Spreading its grand wings, it let's out a loud screech, indirectly notifying nearby citizens of its location and an open invitation for refuge during these times of need.

However, take caution. What they don't know is that it's one from the devil, himself, to step into his territory if they dare.]

[ooc; Backdated to the 30th so it's during Broke episode! Open AP to everyone taking place at the Cathedral for some conversation and possible convincing and coercing to the darkside especially if they're naive enough. But nothing too much unless you give me permission to do so~ Mostly 'friendly' conversation and finding out more about the citizens. Thanks!]
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[The feed turns on to display a brief close up view of the demon's face before quickly spanning across the scene to show a full view of the City from above. If one were to be perspective enough, he or she would be able to tell that he was on the roof top of one of the tallest buildings looking over the city. With a light laughter, he began to speak ecstatically.]

Bingo! And so the month ends with betrayal and envy after a heartwarming session of teamwork, ha ha ha. [He bent his arm so that the view was back on Aion's face, but looking up at him from an angle. He lightly shrugs and gestures with his other hand as he playfully lectures.]

Though I suppose one could see it in a different light depending on just how the situation was dealt with. Survival of the fittest. Taking advantage is one of the keys to survival after all. Only a fool would think or feel otherwise.
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[Private voice to the participants of the Villain's Game Plot]

[Hear a light laughter as he first sends over a small clip with the view of Rosy's bakery and then Ken's little incident.]

One of your long awaited entertainments, ladies and gentlemen. Do enjoy.


Gingerbread interior, hm? Interesting choice in curse.
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First, Noah's Ark and now the Seven Cardinal Sins. Gluttony, Envy, Greed, Sloth... They tend to get quite biblical towards the end of the year, don't they? [He snickers.] I have a good feeling about this month. Let's enjoy it to the fullest then, shall we?


[Private text to Luke:]
As mentioned in the past. Finally, an easy steady income. [Address to Eden]


[private voice to Rip:]
Have you spoken to her yet? She mentioned something that I found very interesting a few weeks ago. It may pertain to you.


[Private voice to Marishka:]
To start off the new month, care to go for another hunt?


[ooc; Sorry I've been MIA for quite some time now. OTL The flu season is just brutal for me and it doesn't help when your fiance is sick too =TTWTT=;;; Open for anything, let me know! Thanks!]


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