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[The feed turns on as a rather unamused and demon-formed sinner, darkly stared at his viewer. Pure bloodlust seeping out of him. For the keen, the little bit of the scene behind him shows a chunk of a tree blown away with rocks and branches scattered everywhere. His deep voice almost playfully spoke.]

So this is how it is, is it? Quite the timing deities. Heh, ha ha ha ha! And right before it all at that! A cruel joke even!

[He maniacally laughed as he covered half of his face. He was just about to strike him. She was only moments away... Aggravation boiled the more he thought of it. He took a few breaths to calm down as he continued on.]

An odd experience indeed to not recall and yet do.

[Private to Luke:]

I've returned. Update me on the current situation.

[ooc; Canon updated and he's returned just today in the evening! So sorry for the major delay in doing so OTL. Open to Ap or just talking! Thanks!]
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[Accidental Video:]

[The feed turns on to show the sinner sitting in the inner garden of the Cathedral. A rare and advanced piece of technology--a compact holograph--in hand, he somberly stared at it before realizing that he's being recorded.

A cold piercing glare aimed back at its viewer, he cracked a mocking smile with a light 'hmph.']

This ticking is quite something. I've almost forgotten about its presence. Two weeks and its gotten this loud and bothersome.

[A small bird lands on his shoulder, almost to console as he heaved a sigh. Despite the grin on his face and the enthused voice he used, his eyes spoke differently, conveying a hint of aggravation and discontent to those keen enough to pick it up.]

Bravo. You've successfully thrown me into another loop. [He then narrowed his eyes and dropped his octave to sternly phrase the next to address the rulers.]

Though don't think you've taken anything.

[ooc; He's been hearing the ticking louder since Lilith's leave~ and he's pissed that his mommy ultimate weapon has left. XDD;;]
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Start of an interesting year, deities. First the everlasting weather, then rounding quite the number of amnesia incidents, the cold, the resolutions, and to cover all grounds a mix of curses involving various emotions.

It's been a few since the last, I take it you have yet another in store for us shortly. Is this what you consider as part of your experiments as well?

I see you've also taken another great mind from this world. Feeling nervous, are we?
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[Voice post:]
It seems I was wrong yet again. Irony, I suppose, is a way to put it. You truly are unlike the others, ha ha.

At least you would have come up with something more creative than this recent nonsense.


[Private voice to Cain Nightroad]
Yo... [Hear a low laughter.]

Seems each member of the family has arrived here now.


[ooc; Sorry but this is going to be backdated cuz of the con. =; ;=!!]
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[Hear the sound of glass crumbling beneath the foot steps of a man. It suddenly stops as you now hear a scrapping sound from a piece of glass being picked up from the ground along with a small snicker of amusement.]

Seems the deities threw a small tantrum. [A shatter is heard as he throws it to the side.] Bored out of their minds I take it. Enough to have their own 'children' cause destruction of their little dream world, ha ha ha.

Very well. As the saying goes... Ask and thou shall receive. [He spoke in a mocking manner before it cuts off.]

[Private voice to Rido:]

All right. I'm in. Let the games begin.

[ooc; This is confirming his participation in Rido's plot! o/]
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[Voice post:]
[Gradual laughter is heard as the device is turned on.]

Ha ha ha... Yet another one... I see.
So this is your next move. Bravo City! Though I take it as fear than anything! You may have taken one but don't think he's the only joker in the deck. The fun has just begun.


[ooc: Many apologies for the misunderstanding on my part the last time I posted this but yuss... Chrno has now left the City and a small package with a picture of Aion and Chrno as young kids and his red scarf was left behind for the sinner. He's a little... ticked that the City took away his sword though he's trying to hold strong. =>W>=;;; Action log for those in Cathedral, voice/text for everyone else unless you want to plot something~<3 Let me know! For Luke-mun and Lore, I have the last comment screened because I wasn't sure if you wanted to respond with that. Please let me know if you want them unscreened. Many thanks!]
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[Private to Graendal:] )

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