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Using the same trick every year I see... I'll see to it that it's different this time around.


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[The time for that damn ridiculous plant again. Aion remembered well what happened last year with Chrno and with... her. Curse after curse and another Christmas to welcome. The sinner had grown used to it by now and the only thing he could do was continue to make progress at his own pace, especially with none of his comrades here besides Chrno. He knew that pitiful brother of his wouldn't do such a thing. It was all up to him.

He looked at his hand again and sighed. Nothing useful was coming in while sitting here and his hand was becoming sour. It was time to cash in and leave. He abruptly stood up from the card table and decided to head home for the night. He successfully avoided the curse going around again. He was determined to head back in the same manner.]

[ooc: Mistletoe curse~ though this time I'm not going to have Aion cursed for it but he doesn't know that he isn't yet =>W>=;;; So anyone who he runs into that's going to lean in closer, he'll choose whether he wants to or not, depending on who it is. Just so you guys know, will tag once I return from a party~ =>W<= <333 Thanks!]


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