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[Private video to Vicente; Viewable to Luke]

[The feed begins as the distinctive knife of the brotherhood is slid onto the table, stained in red along with the file that was given to him on that night.]

It's done.

[Private voice to Rido:]

Yo... Word has it you were seeking me and in quite the manner I hear.

[ooc; The murder is done the same way as Luke has described here in Xanadu though much further into the night. Intentionally done so to throw the police force into a loop.]
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How generations change over the years. One could tell just how bad things have gotten through the music they present.
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[Hear the sound of glass crumbling beneath the foot steps of a man. It suddenly stops as you now hear a scrapping sound from a piece of glass being picked up from the ground along with a small snicker of amusement.]

Seems the deities threw a small tantrum. [A shatter is heard as he throws it to the side.] Bored out of their minds I take it. Enough to have their own 'children' cause destruction of their little dream world, ha ha ha.

Very well. As the saying goes... Ask and thou shall receive. [He spoke in a mocking manner before it cuts off.]

[Private voice to Rido:]

All right. I'm in. Let the games begin.

[ooc; This is confirming his participation in Rido's plot! o/]


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