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[Accidental Video:]
[The feed begins with Aion sitting at his desk with a book in hand. Though something is very different today. The man sitting there not only has black long hair and fair skin, but he looks rather peaceful unlike the other times.

He notices his device turn on and glances towards the screen at his viewer.]

Hm? Chrno, is that you? [He puts his book down and stretches his neck out a little with a light sigh.] Perfect timing. I was just about getting bored with this book. My head was beginning to hurt.

[He leans his cheek into his hand as he smiles with a wink.]

Let's go drink. It'll be on me.

[ooc; Aion is cursed with Road not taken today o/ What if the elders didn't take Lilith, he would have been a normal human, living an ordinary life~ ]
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[voice post:]

[Hear the sound of labored breathing as he tried to focus on the task at hand, which was to contact someone for business. He roared in rage and frustration at first, knowing well that it was a curse, only for it to cease a second later. The sound of his breath seeming like it was going further away from the cellphone, a soft mumble was the last thing that was heard before the feed shut off with the flip of his phone.]

It can't be...


[Open AP:]
[Have the drenched sinner staring off into the distance on the beach. How he found himself here from the underground, you ask? Of course, by following the sweet voice that made several attempts at bringing him to eternal rest, giving him a minor injury in the process, which he doesn't seem to be bothered by. No. Following the voice was all that mattered at the moment.

She was here and calling for help. It sounded louder today than any other day. Asking to be destroyed.

A stream of blood dripping from his arm, staining the sands below, he walked closer to the body of water, awestruck by the situation as if she had come for him. He could take care of things now. Pandemonium, his motherland, was sleeping within the waters. Or so he believed, walking into the water.]

[ooc: Cursed for Mother's call! Open to all and he'll answer his phone to briefly talk to anyone except he'll be drawn back into following the voice again. Feel free to see him on the beach or stop him from going in. If no one does, going to assume that he was able to fight the temptation by waking up from half drowning or something. o/]
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[Accidental Video:]

[Have a demon, who has found himself reduced to nothing but cotton and stitches today, except he has a permanent smirk across his lips that the deities purposefully placed. The tone of his voice is the only thing that made it obvious that the expression on the doll's face was much the opposite to how he was truly feeling.

He quickly notices a camera on him and turns to face his audience.]

What... the fuck. A new sense of humor I take it.

[ooc: Backdated to yesterday and cursed with toy story~<3]
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[Accidental Video post:]
[The screen is pitch black with only sounds of grunting to be heard as little by little, it becomes more apparent to what is being shown. A glimpse of the graveyard is seen as it becomes yet again obstructed by the ground and debris this time as he places his hand down. Heavily panting, he lightly tosses the device off to the side as it lands onto the side of its frame opened for the viewers to see what's going on. Each member began to come out of the hole- first, the sinner crawling out of the hole created, followed by Lilith and Abel.

The demon rested on his backside as he rests his arms onto his knees. His white clothing covered in dirt, his face showed signs of aggravation as he tried to catch his breath. Just what the fuck was that all about? It wasn't long before the feed cuts off.]


[ooc: Continuation from what was going on here. Please assume that this was right at 11:58pm on the 8th~ =TTWTT= With the notifications not coming in, I wanted to hold off until some of them were flowing into the inbox which seems to be the case now. Voice or Vid for everyone. Let me know if anyone wants to Action anything~<3 Thanks!]
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[Action Post: Cathedral Rooftop:]

[A bottle in hand and the stars above, the sinner sat on the roof tops of the Cathedral. Lots have happened the past few days including losing one of his only hopes in making his plans a success. It was something expected though. Everyone has left at some point and he's learned this well. Be it at the deities' whim or a master plan to actually screw with him was another story. He took a swig of the liquor as he stared up at the stars. Weird how he suddenly felt the urge to drink out here. At least it was quiet.]

[[ooc: AP meant for Chrno tho open to anyone else who wants to stop by and say hi? *SHOT*. Though I ask no major conflict to cause a fight. It is a peaceful night after all~~~<333 lol Even a phone call or text message works too if you prefer that instead~ =^W^= b Thanks!]]
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[Accidental video post:]
[See a young boy with dark hair and fair skin, to some finding a similar resemblance to Chrno than really the usual Aion himself. But nonetheless, Aion finds himself in the form of an 8 year old this time with his memories of his last visit intact. Sitting on the bed as he closes his phone from speaking to people on the net, the young sinner was ready for an adventure. But of course first... He raised his arms to either side, clothed in an over-sized dress shirt again as he called out to those he knew were supposedly living there.]

Fi~~~~!? Where are you!? I need clothes again! The Commander has to be ready for anything!

[When he doesn't hear an answer, he slipped out of the bed with a frown and walked towards the door to peak out.]

Or Lilith? Are you here too?

[/video post]

[ooc: Again, apology for lack of kid icons OTL But yeah, he'll remember everything from the time he was here~<33]
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[Public Voice Post:]
This month would prove interesting to say the least. Don't you agree, citizens?

[/voice post]

[Private voice to Road:]
It's been a while [livejournal.com profile] dreamsofnoah. Still have that circus of yours?


[Private voice to Lilith:]
It's been several days now. Seeing as you haven't returned yet, have you finally grown afraid of me, Lilith? Ha ha.


[Action Log: The Arena:]

[A change in scenery was definitely called for. Having tolerated the ticking sound for the past few days that Lilith had been gone, the sinner decided to spend his evening at the Arena to enjoy a nice meal and drink while observing and betting on the fights presented. 8:30 pm.

Though his thoughts were else where. Going over his available resources in his head, he now had to carefully re-think his tactics yet again. Whether it was something the deities specifically planned or just a coincidence that he had such curse placed on him was unknown but it was irritating to say the least. Even his supposed 'allies' now knew of his background in much detail than he had hoped to share. But then again, things were now more black and white. Only those with the same goals and intentions would seek him in private which cut half of his work. Those deities sure knew how to keep him on his toes.

The other half was figuring out what to do with Lilith. She hadn't been home for the past several days after that curse. Things were a little more complex now that she knew of it but he didn't think anything of it besides receiving the same lecture. Quite frankly, he was pleased to have some quiet time but it didn't change the fact that he still needed to keep his eye on her along with Mary. He'd never admit it but he even went to make sure her portrait wasn't hanging in the Hall of Missing at that. It was a good thing she hadn't completely left the City, especially after browsing through the report Shader had sent him. A big discovery and a huge asset, not to forget she had been possessed by her once in the past. He couldn't afford to lose something like that now.]

[ooc: Open action log for anyone but it was mainly to portray what he's thinking at the moment after the huge mess Chrno made for him =TTWTT=;;;; It can even be closer to midnight so that it carries over to today's curse! Just let me know if you have any ideas you'd like to share~ Thanks~<33]
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[Voice post:]
Ha ha ha, I'm happy, Chrno, to see you haven't become entirely gutless.

[Recovers from laughter and a moment of silence] I'm also hap-, pleased you are here- [Sudden drop.]

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[Voice post:]
Read the labels carefully today, citizens. Know there are consequences for touching my things. And those labeled, ha ha ha, remember well who you belong to. You're mine.

[/voice post]

[Private voice to der_freischuetz/unhackable:]

A certain man has suggested I get to know you, [livejournal.com profile] der_freischuetz. Why not humor him? Answer if you're interested.


[ooc: LOL Possessive!Aion much? But here are the label distributions to ppl besides him marking up most of the Cathedral;;; Lilith, Shader (with marker), Graendal, Yuuki Kurosu, Alexiel, and Chrno ignore that they're all women except Chrno;;;;; OTL get a label saying "Property of Aion"; Shiki, Akiha, Fakir, and Rosette get a label saying "Aion's prey". These ppl specifically get one because he's met them in the past and have an idea where they are. The label can either be smacked onto you by his Eagle (which is more if you want to get involved with him) or just delivered by it (which is more doesn't want to be bothered by this curse). Up to you guys and let me know if I should change anything! Lore~ if you want to AP Lilith's label, just let me know or start it, lol ~<333

Also, Hey~ Rip-mun. Luke just sent him the contact info and didn't state her name so that's why it's the journal name just so you know~ Thanks guys!]
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[Voice post]
I recall once reading that "One secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes." Remember that well dear Citizens or you may very well miss the train as they say. A word of advice.


[Private voice to Lilith:]
Don't worry about dinner tonight, I'll take care of it. Just make sure you eat for lunch and you've got everything you need for your shift today. You did iron your coat before putting it on, didn't you? Make sure you come straight home and take extra care with that bird when you bring it.


Ignore the sentiments.


[ooc: Maternal Paternal!Aion for this month's curse for you. Open voice for public and ap if you want Lore~<3 If anyone has any other ideas send me a PM/email and I'd be happy to plot~<333 Thanks!]
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[This couldn't be happening. It was almost like a conspiracy. The two apostles gone and now this!? Aion slowly began to open his eyes as he stared at the ground from his given position. The sudden flow of air into his lungs forced him to violently cough as residual blood splatted out. He angrily gritted his teeth as he managed to stand and lean against the wall of the building. The hair follicles left around his neck and suit gradually fell to the floor. He didn't know what the hell that thing was but the sensation he was feeling throughout his body gave him the verdict of what had happened. His skin cold as ice, it was the same feeling he felt when the demon touched the Saint's skin. He was certain he was the walking dead.

The sinner weakly began to walk out of the private room of the casino and headed towards the exit. There were no longer damages to his body but his suit was stained in red and the shear exhaustion remained; making it difficult to check the messages on his phone and keep his balance in check without the support of something. After checking them, he violently shut it and tossed it into his pocket. Lilith's mindless blabbering was unsettling. He had to make it back home soon to find out the truth behind it.]

[[ooc: Sooo yea, the unseen creature attacked Aion and rid of him in the process since he didn't do that deities tribute ->W>-;;; so right now he's on his way back to the Cathedral. I made it an open action log in case anyone wanted to possibly help him (especially if they don't know him? LOL), mock him (which yea, don't beat him up too much~ -TTWTT-;;;, or something~ lol between the time of leaving the Casino and making it to the Cathedral. And Lore~ action log for Lilith is a go~<333 Thanks!]]
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[Aion managed to return to his room undetected after successfully capturing a second apostle out of shear luck. That was quite unexpected and frankly, as lucky as that was, he wasn't in any mood to be greeted by anyone else, especially if the next person coming were to be him. He plopped down into his seat as he deeply thought.

Now, what was he to do with Lilith. The things she said. There was no doubt, she would betr- no, she was never on his side to begin with. The sinner lightly sighed and softly cackled. He was a fool for relying on her this much. He never realized how tough it was to do everything on his own, though it wasn't anything he couldn't manage. He sure took Shader for granted, he thought with a weak smile. The apostles will have to be moved by tomorrow, he decided as he adjusted his glasses.]

[ooc: Sorry for slipping this entry in at the last minute but yea, we wanted Mary to get some action so... this happens a few hours after this;;;; ]
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[The screen full of static, soon an image of a woman is seen in a nightgown as she quickly gets out of bed. Feeling her face, she stares down at her hands in disbelief.]

What the...

[Her expression soon grows grim as she balls one of her hands into a fist before it cuts out.]

[ooc: Why yes, this is Aion except body swapped with Lilith for the day~ lol All comments will be video posts, where he'll try to use her image to his advantage, after his initial shock, so anyone friends with Lilith, you've been warned~ lol Just so you guys know, I plan on having him lose control of the nanomachines later in the day too~ And apologies ahead of time for possible slow tagging because I have to run some errands some time today. *bows* AP with Lilith if you want, Lore~<333]
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Another ridiculous curse day, I take it. One where the inhabitants are forced to speak of their homeland freely, ha ha ha. The deities truly try their best to keep things entertaining, don`t they? OK! Why not share a little bit of my own! Besides, it`s a befitting day. Today, will be the day to set things back in order.

Pandemonium, the demon society, which holds its queen to spawn numerous minions in order to protect one truth. How fearful they are that this information will leak.

I will be the one drawing the curtains and ringing the coming bell for a new era.

Private to Jenai )

Private to Fiore )

Private to Lilith )

[Aion finished posting his messages in his room before heading out of the Cathedral to the designated challenge spot he`s set with Chrno. Despite having told Chrno that he wanted him to show up alone, his aim was to draw her out as well. Add the Las Vegas Songstress and it would almost be too perfect. With his back up informed, the demon was ready to take back what had been toyed with. Those horns were the only thing left to contact her. He had to get them back at all cost.

Sending out his eagle ahead of him, he checked on his former comrade`s status of whether he had already showed up or not. The sinner carried on his shoulder a black case with a bag of two cups of sugar in his hand and began to walk towards Xanadu himself with a wide, eccstastic grin on his face.]

[ooc: Few notes, I`m aware that Fiore-mun had dropped but Aion doesn`t know so that`s why it`s there. Top text to public. Action log closed to informed ppl. Again, thank you so much for letting me do this plot for my own benefit and highly highly apologize that it will most likely fall into a backdated log! orz You guys are the best, much love!]
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Chrno...? Chrno!? Where did you go? I hear you bu- heheh stop hiding and come out! You can't fool me! Yah! [Sound of diving in sheets]

[Having come home late the night before, Aion collapsed onto his bed with his cellphone in his hand. Come morning, his body changed and swimming in his clothing, the demon gets startled by the beeping from the phone and wakes up. Recalling his comrade beside him before falling asleep last night or so he thought, memories altered, he starts searching under the covers to find him.]

[[ooc: yep~ you got it! It's Child!Aion of around 7 years old-ish with dark hair and fairer skin like Chrno since it's before he got tainted~ *SHOT*! If you're in the cathedral, you're more than welcome to come into his room or knock to start a action log! For everyone else, it'll have to be a voice post! Sorry... for the lack of... child icons... OTL.]]
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[It's finally begun. The torture that he'd been dreading in order to pay the price for his lessons. The exchange that Lilith had requested was for him to help with shopping and decorating, not to mention to at least pretend to be in the 'spirit' for the holidays. Either way, he convinced himself of it all being worthwhile for the knowledge he was obtaining.

Aion waited for the two ladies by the entrance of the Cathedral as he kept pondering on. The subjects needed were obtained but there were still a few things left for him to do. Finding a private place to put the resources, the social club, and about that girl. He leaned against the wall and let out a bothersome sigh as he closed his eyes.]
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Privates to Fiore, Joshua, Jenai, Lilith: )

[Transition to action log:]

[Another month over and into one the demon wasn't very much fond of. Just the thought of Christmas was enough to make his blood boil. Ridiculous. All this celebrating, praising, and for what? None of it exists. Some farce made up all thanks to the system. At least it had its advantages. What better month than to gather useful information from those 'giving' citizens. Especially with Fiore here, so many new options opened up for the sinner. Not to forget about the arrival of the new apostle as well.

Even so, Aion was frustrated that things weren't going as he had planned. The "bell" was supposed to have rung by now with her voice heard from the depths of the ocean. No Eden. No organ. No Shader. No apostles, at least not all of them. Not that it would have mattered here anyway but it was still a whole pile of new things he had to think about. Another bothersome step towards freedom. Two fucking systems. Just when he thought he had enough to worry about, there was her, Lilith. The one that questions and monitors his every motive. He hated to admit it but he needed her help. The pile of books didn't compared to the amount of knowledge she had, especially when it came to technology. He deeply sighed and closed his phone after sending out his messages as he walked down the long hall towards the exit of the Cathedral.]

[ooc: Just so you guys know, the action log is only meant to write his thoughts out but know I'm always up to log if you want to. Sorry that they're usually only opened to those in the Cathedral unless specified. Thanks!]
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[Stepping outside by the entrance, Aion stood there with a grin on his face. With a hand in his pocket, the other finished messaging Fiore of their location via his cellphone. What a pleasant surprise this was. He couldn't be more grateful that she arrived. Without a replenish of jewels, the sinner was pretty much bound, unable to take large measures without taking a certain amount of risk. Flipping it closed, he quietly waited for her arrival.]


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