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[Accidental voice post:]
Ugh... my head- !!

[/Turns off]


[Aion noticed the voice post on his cell phone and quickly shut it off. Yet another string pulled by the City. Having a massive headache for majority of the day, the sinner deeply sighed as he took off his glasses and covered part of his face with his hand. The City was really screwing with him as if it hadn't been for the past few months now.

Having slept all day during the 27th, the only thing he could remember was the pure darkness that surrounded him. So quiet and... alone. Was it another one of those curses except this one made people feel like their dead? He wasn't sure but whatever it was the extra sleep he was forced to take was having a heavy toll on him. Sitting at his desk trying to find out what had been going on, Aion finally gave in for the day. He shut off the monitor to the computer and leaned back in his chair with his eyes closed, aggravated.

Waiting a few minutes, calming down, he flipped open his phone to deal with the unbearable situation. It was past the recommended four-hour wait, right?]

[Filtered Voice post to Fiore/audible-viewable to cathedral:]
Fi, please bring me some more medicine.

[/voice post]

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