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[Intentional Accidental Video:]

[An agonizing scream heard in the distance, the feed begins with what appears to be a location amongst the boulders. As the camera slowly spans through, the sight of a demonic shadow slightly hunched with a distinct pair of wings out of his back can be seen reflected on the rocks. The figure in his hand struggles for his life until the demon forcefully wrings his head.

An eerie laughter conjured, the scene eventually focused on the General of the Eighth circle, dressed in white from head to toe himself to mock those who've sinned -- the fraudulent -- as he too could have been mistaken for an angel if one didn't know better. His cold violet eyes darted at his viewer, he grinned and lowered his prey while keeping a firm grip around the neck of who appeared to be a middle-aged man. As his previous action spoke, the man's head was twisted backward.]

Yo.. Come to check up on me, I see. Waste of time. As you can see, I'm doing my job. Even picking up some slack to say the least.

[Glancing down, he raised his arm a little to show the evidence of his work.]

Quite representative, don't you think? If one can not see ahead, why not look back? [He lightly laughed as the man moans.]

Either way, keep them coming. I still have the other areas to check.

[He threw the man off to the side and raised his hand to gesture his depart before walking across the bridge to the next Bolgia as the feed turns off.]

[ooc; Backdated to yesterday because I really meant to post it then. Totally passed out early yesterday so you'll have to excuse me. Open AP to demons who want to visit him. Open message interactions with everyone else. Thanks!]
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