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[As the feed begins, the viewer could see a somber looking sinner watching the calm water rock him back and forth on one of the romantic gondolas that the deities have so nicely prepared for just the occasion. With an agitated sigh, seeing as his business was underwater, he still managed to calmly speak his thoughts of this month.]

Becoming quite repetitive, are we? First being subjected to the stream of hearing ridiculous proses, to a match-making event in attempt to amend any failures from the first. And now this...

I might as well be on edge.

[He opened a small flask of whiskey to down some.]

This had better be for one day.

[ooc; Happy Belated Valentine's day everyone! I hope it was a pleasant one! This will be a bit backdated but open AP to anyone who would like to jump onto his gondola or if you'd like to interact with him (serious or for lulz!), have your character flag him down and he'll pick them up!]


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