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[This couldn't be happening. It was almost like a conspiracy. The two apostles gone and now this!? Aion slowly began to open his eyes as he stared at the ground from his given position. The sudden flow of air into his lungs forced him to violently cough as residual blood splatted out. He angrily gritted his teeth as he managed to stand and lean against the wall of the building. The hair follicles left around his neck and suit gradually fell to the floor. He didn't know what the hell that thing was but the sensation he was feeling throughout his body gave him the verdict of what had happened. His skin cold as ice, it was the same feeling he felt when the demon touched the Saint's skin. He was certain he was the walking dead.

The sinner weakly began to walk out of the private room of the casino and headed towards the exit. There were no longer damages to his body but his suit was stained in red and the shear exhaustion remained; making it difficult to check the messages on his phone and keep his balance in check without the support of something. After checking them, he violently shut it and tossed it into his pocket. Lilith's mindless blabbering was unsettling. He had to make it back home soon to find out the truth behind it.]

[[ooc: Sooo yea, the unseen creature attacked Aion and rid of him in the process since he didn't do that deities tribute ->W>-;;; so right now he's on his way back to the Cathedral. I made it an open action log in case anyone wanted to possibly help him (especially if they don't know him? LOL), mock him (which yea, don't beat him up too much~ -TTWTT-;;;, or something~ lol between the time of leaving the Casino and making it to the Cathedral. And Lore~ action log for Lilith is a go~<333 Thanks!]]


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