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[Voice post:]
A new level of annoyance I see. I'll pay anyone who is willing to get rid of these things.


[Private voice to Solomon:]
I have a favor to ask though you may take interest in it yourself.


[ooc: Cursed for secret admirer. Feel free to have sent Aion anything anonymously~]

[50] FML

Sep. 10th, 2009 12:31 am
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[Private voice to Solomon:/Unhackable]
It was nice meeting you at the hospital party, Doctor. Perhaps another opportunity will rise soon enough.


[Private voice to Luke Valentine: /Unhackable]
I've spoken to your suggested colleague. She's quite the character I must say. A trump to your deck perhaps? Ha ha ha.


[Private voice to Shader: /Unhackable]
Give me an update.


Action log: Cassagioso [spoiler warning] )

[ooc: Action log open to anyone though I'm going to assume that each interaction takes place at different times. One leaves and the next person enters just to keep it simple and I'd prefer no wreaking of havoc or provoking the poor sinner till he takes extensive action unless you've got an idea you want to share with me~<33 Just let me know! Thanks~<333]


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