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[Public Voice Post:]
This month would prove interesting to say the least. Don't you agree, citizens?

[/voice post]

[Private voice to Road:]
It's been a while [livejournal.com profile] dreamsofnoah. Still have that circus of yours?


[Private voice to Lilith:]
It's been several days now. Seeing as you haven't returned yet, have you finally grown afraid of me, Lilith? Ha ha.


[Action Log: The Arena:]

[A change in scenery was definitely called for. Having tolerated the ticking sound for the past few days that Lilith had been gone, the sinner decided to spend his evening at the Arena to enjoy a nice meal and drink while observing and betting on the fights presented. 8:30 pm.

Though his thoughts were else where. Going over his available resources in his head, he now had to carefully re-think his tactics yet again. Whether it was something the deities specifically planned or just a coincidence that he had such curse placed on him was unknown but it was irritating to say the least. Even his supposed 'allies' now knew of his background in much detail than he had hoped to share. But then again, things were now more black and white. Only those with the same goals and intentions would seek him in private which cut half of his work. Those deities sure knew how to keep him on his toes.

The other half was figuring out what to do with Lilith. She hadn't been home for the past several days after that curse. Things were a little more complex now that she knew of it but he didn't think anything of it besides receiving the same lecture. Quite frankly, he was pleased to have some quiet time but it didn't change the fact that he still needed to keep his eye on her along with Mary. He'd never admit it but he even went to make sure her portrait wasn't hanging in the Hall of Missing at that. It was a good thing she hadn't completely left the City, especially after browsing through the report Shader had sent him. A big discovery and a huge asset, not to forget she had been possessed by her once in the past. He couldn't afford to lose something like that now.]

[ooc: Open action log for anyone but it was mainly to portray what he's thinking at the moment after the huge mess Chrno made for him =TTWTT=;;;; It can even be closer to midnight so that it carries over to today's curse! Just let me know if you have any ideas you'd like to share~ Thanks~<33]


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