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[The thoughts of the recent events raced through the demon's head. Rena's death. Keiichi's anger. Joshua's return. Chrno... He was a lost cause. To think he went through all the trouble of finding him another contractor in hopes that he'd join back. Pointless. He's been far corrupt beyond imaginable. But that didn't matter. His plan didn't quite fall through. He was able to break her to some extent. The pesky nun that was bound to ruin everything once he returns to his world. Physically she was taken care of; good and dead. The only thing that was left was to break her from within considering this world didn't allow one to rest in peace.

But leaving all that aside, Aion stood up from his chair to go through the routine that has become quite the norm within the Cathedral walls. Adjusting his glasses and letting out a deep sigh, the demon left his room to check on Lilith's condition. He knocked and as usual waited for the expected response.]


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