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[Rena's condition was becoming further unstable by the day. Whether her body was getting dependent on the medication or not, Aion knew that if he wanted to carry out his plan it had to be now or never. The sinner patiently waited for Lilith to leave for work before slipping to Rena's room.

Slowly opening her door, he stood tall with a devious grin on his face, the light emitting an eerie glare over his glasses.]

It's time, Rena...
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[Action log transition to voice and post messages:]
[Coming back from the Underground, Aion carefully slipped back into the cathedral without being seen. Lightly coughing into his fist, he stealthily made his way to his room. The sinner removed his coat and hung it on the back of his chair as he plopped down into it. A deep sigh escaping him. Leaning back far enough to slightly hang his head, he covered his face with his hand as he cursed himself for coming down with something. Rarely did he ever get sick and yet here he was, only getting even more frustrated to think it was all part of a grand plan the deities put out to keep him tamed. Taking off his glasses and tossing them onto the desk, he flipped his cell phone open to begin messaging people. His eyes gravely stared at the ceiling above him as he took care of business before trying to relax.]

Private voice message to Joshua/unhackable )

Private voice message to Jenai/unhackable )

[Filter to the Cathedral (Keiichi included):]

Lilith, do me a favor and bring some lemon tea to my room for me?

Rena, how are you feeling? If something is the matter make sure Lilith knows.

Also, if any of you wanted to see me about anything, it'll have to wait. I ask that you don't disturb me for the next few days unless it's on something I've asked of you. Appreciate it.

[ooc: You guessed it~ what other opportunity would I have but to make him join the bandwagon of sick ppl~<3 lol Was also coerced by Lilith =>w>=;;;; LOLOL ♥]]
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[Filtered to Chrno and from Rena/known enemies (unhackable):]

Yo~ Chrno... How've you been feeling? Be happy, I have good news. I found a new contractor for you. Despite her being human, she has an interesting side to her, ha ha ha... Well, there's nothing to worry about. She's not your type.

She'll only be a temporary replacement but I'm working on getting you a permanent one. Then you could be rid of that watch and pathetic form you're in... Don't tell me you haven't thought of what I said. Remember, you could never make her happy with the way you are... Such a waste suppressing all that power... Don't you agree it's about time you let your true nature come out?

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Indeed an interesting device. Though most of these things were handled by Shader so it's a bit confusing but nonetheless... ;;

Well, that doesn't matter. Just have to get used to it, I suppose for the time being.

[Filtered to Joshua:]
*sighs* Joshua, you're here, aren't you? It's me.



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