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[Lying in bed, wrapped in bandage, Aion tensed his eyes as he turned his head to the side. A nervous sweat drop dripping down the side of his face, he struggled to keep his wit as he revisited his past through a dream.]

[Inside his dream: Minor spoiler so will put under cut in case] )

[ooc: Quick and dirty version of this scene from canon. Simply click the next to see what happens until they handle the situation. It's a bit of a spoiler just so you know. The numbers in the parentheses are parts of the dream anyone can come in at and the dream will alter according to what the person does or how they react, I suppose? lol Just let me know where you want to jump in~<3 Thanks!]
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[Cutting in and out a few times at first, the image soon showed the demon sitting at his desk with his hand through the computer screen. Panting as he stared at his hand through the hole, Aion started to cackle.]

Ha ha ha... I thought it was strange that things were easily accessible here... Free equipment already set up for anyone to use... And now it's all clear...

[A deadly eye peaking over his glasses towards the camera, he gravely added.]

I know you're watching...

[Pulling his hand out, he leaned back into his chair and managed to form a grin as he adjusted his glasses which gave off an eerie glare.]

But I'm curious as to who else sees this as well...

[[ooc: This is after this conversation with Chrno during Truth or Dare.]]


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