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[See the screen turn on as the video button is pressed by a small hand and you see the sinner lightly cringe in pain. On the desk peering at his viewer was a small version of Aion-- timid and frail-- with a saddened look on his face along with a line of blood dripping down his chin from his mouth. Through him, you see part of a blade formed from an arm of the other miniature. A deadly look to his face, he gravely spoke before roughly pulling it out of him.]

The fuck do you think you're doing... Are you planning on ruining everything?

[Trembling, the one appearing to be his "good", reached out towards the screen and managed to mumble an "I'm sorry." before his head hung down and soon disappeared from sight. Aion, himself, simply gave a dark smirk and a small laughter despite the consequences that resulted from the dominant one's action before picking the phone back up.]

Seems my conscience is just fine. Nice try, deities.


[ooc: Affected for my inner voices curse. He has a small conscience of his 'good' side but nothing compared to his darker half that will actually help him get things done in order to achieve his goals no matter what. Red font is the dark conscience speaking. Either Aion or the dark one may respond.]


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