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[Aion managed to return to his room undetected after successfully capturing a second apostle out of shear luck. That was quite unexpected and frankly, as lucky as that was, he wasn't in any mood to be greeted by anyone else, especially if the next person coming were to be him. He plopped down into his seat as he deeply thought.

Now, what was he to do with Lilith. The things she said. There was no doubt, she would betr- no, she was never on his side to begin with. The sinner lightly sighed and softly cackled. He was a fool for relying on her this much. He never realized how tough it was to do everything on his own, though it wasn't anything he couldn't manage. He sure took Shader for granted, he thought with a weak smile. The apostles will have to be moved by tomorrow, he decided as he adjusted his glasses.]

[ooc: Sorry for slipping this entry in at the last minute but yea, we wanted Mary to get some action so... this happens a few hours after this;;;; ]


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