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[Voice post:]
Ah~ I still remember till this day. The number of those pests dropping one by one by the second and that beautiful sight. Your hands tainted crimson red as you lead us out to take our first step to freedom.

It's still burned into these eyes of mine. Those days when you were truly you! Chrno, come back to me and once again become my sword, where you rightfully belong!

You've always enjoyed how I've treated you, haven't you?


[ooc: Uhhh soooo... there are a lot of ppl who thinks Aion is obsessed with Chrno WHICH HE IS! buuuuuuuuuuut not sexually and so yeah allowing those cracktastic fantasies to come true for some of you, here's Aion obsessed over Chrno in THAT way~ =>W<=;;; and gah, sorry if this isn't what the curse is about OTL I had to ask a few to find out what it's about and then go off on my assumptions sooo I hope it's done right =TTWTT= <3 Just let me know if... it isn't OTL Thanks!]


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