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Ladies and Gentlemen alike. If entertainment is what you desire, Tambour Amoureax is your haven for such release. Our Monsieur has made certain all is catered to appropriately and to his or her own needs.

So pop open our finest bottle of champagne or two... possibly even a cherry and surround yourself with all that we have to offer. Though a word of caution that you are guaranteed to leave pleased... if you will ever wish to do so that is...

[ooc: Aion is in charge of gathering customers and looking for girls for the brothel. If you wish to have your character be persuaded to join the Master's brothel, let me know here and just make it so that word had spread across the city to contact Aion here for the job. Also, any prostitutes currently working for the Master now and is planning to escape, let me know here and if you want to, we could AP it out too! I'm game for any of that! Master-mun, if any of this is a problem let me know and I'll fix it right away! Thanks!]


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