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[Transition to action log:]

[Pulling the cathedral network, blocking any message sent to Lilith, Aion closed his cell phone after relaying a message to everyone. He closed and placed the book onto the desk and swiftly stood with a sigh. Grabbing the plastic bag that was left on the floor from the previous night, the sinner left his room to head down to Lilith's. He knocked and waited for her to respond.]
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[Rena's condition was becoming further unstable by the day. Whether her body was getting dependent on the medication or not, Aion knew that if he wanted to carry out his plan it had to be now or never. The sinner patiently waited for Lilith to leave for work before slipping to Rena's room.

Slowly opening her door, he stood tall with a devious grin on his face, the light emitting an eerie glare over his glasses.]

It's time, Rena...


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