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[Accidental Video:]
[The feed begins with Aion sitting at his desk with a book in hand. Though something is very different today. The man sitting there not only has black long hair and fair skin, but he looks rather peaceful unlike the other times.

He notices his device turn on and glances towards the screen at his viewer.]

Hm? Chrno, is that you? [He puts his book down and stretches his neck out a little with a light sigh.] Perfect timing. I was just about getting bored with this book. My head was beginning to hurt.

[He leans his cheek into his hand as he smiles with a wink.]

Let's go drink. It'll be on me.

[ooc; Aion is cursed with Road not taken today o/ What if the elders didn't take Lilith, he would have been a normal human, living an ordinary life~ ]


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