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Another ridiculous curse day, I take it. One where the inhabitants are forced to speak of their homeland freely, ha ha ha. The deities truly try their best to keep things entertaining, don`t they? OK! Why not share a little bit of my own! Besides, it`s a befitting day. Today, will be the day to set things back in order.

Pandemonium, the demon society, which holds its queen to spawn numerous minions in order to protect one truth. How fearful they are that this information will leak.

I will be the one drawing the curtains and ringing the coming bell for a new era.

Private to Jenai )

Private to Fiore )

Private to Lilith )

[Aion finished posting his messages in his room before heading out of the Cathedral to the designated challenge spot he`s set with Chrno. Despite having told Chrno that he wanted him to show up alone, his aim was to draw her out as well. Add the Las Vegas Songstress and it would almost be too perfect. With his back up informed, the demon was ready to take back what had been toyed with. Those horns were the only thing left to contact her. He had to get them back at all cost.

Sending out his eagle ahead of him, he checked on his former comrade`s status of whether he had already showed up or not. The sinner carried on his shoulder a black case with a bag of two cups of sugar in his hand and began to walk towards Xanadu himself with a wide, eccstastic grin on his face.]

[ooc: Few notes, I`m aware that Fiore-mun had dropped but Aion doesn`t know so that`s why it`s there. Top text to public. Action log closed to informed ppl. Again, thank you so much for letting me do this plot for my own benefit and highly highly apologize that it will most likely fall into a backdated log! orz You guys are the best, much love!]
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[voice post:]
Ha ha ha! This is something. Truly entertaining, really. To think a young lady such as her would pull off such stunt. It seems I`ve miscalculated in my plans. You`ve got some partner there, Chrno! You`re listening to this, aren`t you? Why don`t we have a little chat.


[Private to Jenai:]
I`ll go retrieve the horns. You track where the other apostles are. See that there are more "resources" for Fiore.


[ooc: Please refrain from telling Aion that Fiore is gone so that he could feel confident in challenging Chrno. He`s already furious that Joshua`s back to normal and is trying to get his plan back on track. Be warned that he may not say much, depending on who you are.]
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[The knight or the pawn? Her queen was tempting, though he knew better than to go after it without further planning. Aion sat on the bench with his leg crossed over and hand covering part of his mouth as he thought of his next move in their chess game. Set up in the middle of the garden, the change of scenery and pace was nice considering they had been cooped up in his room for hours. Damn theories could be so confusing sometimes but he was grateful Lilith was willing to teach him.

Having canceled their last meeting in order to further his research on the Social Club and having an interesting meeting the night before, the sinner could really use the break. He finally decided to move his pawn forward when he remembered what Lilith had said a few days ago. If she was going to ask for something hectic, he figured he should get it out of the way. Though it was probably something like discipline Jenai, knowing the woman by now.]

Speaking of lessons, what was it that you wanted in exchange?
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Privates to Fiore, Joshua, Jenai, Lilith: )

[Transition to action log:]

[Another month over and into one the demon wasn't very much fond of. Just the thought of Christmas was enough to make his blood boil. Ridiculous. All this celebrating, praising, and for what? None of it exists. Some farce made up all thanks to the system. At least it had its advantages. What better month than to gather useful information from those 'giving' citizens. Especially with Fiore here, so many new options opened up for the sinner. Not to forget about the arrival of the new apostle as well.

Even so, Aion was frustrated that things weren't going as he had planned. The "bell" was supposed to have rung by now with her voice heard from the depths of the ocean. No Eden. No organ. No Shader. No apostles, at least not all of them. Not that it would have mattered here anyway but it was still a whole pile of new things he had to think about. Another bothersome step towards freedom. Two fucking systems. Just when he thought he had enough to worry about, there was her, Lilith. The one that questions and monitors his every motive. He hated to admit it but he needed her help. The pile of books didn't compared to the amount of knowledge she had, especially when it came to technology. He deeply sighed and closed his phone after sending out his messages as he walked down the long hall towards the exit of the Cathedral.]

[ooc: Just so you guys know, the action log is only meant to write his thoughts out but know I'm always up to log if you want to. Sorry that they're usually only opened to those in the Cathedral unless specified. Thanks!]
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[Stepping outside by the entrance, Aion stood there with a grin on his face. With a hand in his pocket, the other finished messaging Fiore of their location via his cellphone. What a pleasant surprise this was. He couldn't be more grateful that she arrived. Without a replenish of jewels, the sinner was pretty much bound, unable to take large measures without taking a certain amount of risk. Flipping it closed, he quietly waited for her arrival.]
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Private text to Joshua: )

Filter to Cathedral: )

[Transition to action log:]

[Pulling the cathedral network, blocking any message sent to Lilith, Aion closed his cell phone after relaying a message to everyone. He closed and placed the book onto the desk and swiftly stood with a sigh. Grabbing the plastic bag that was left on the floor from the previous night, the sinner left his room to head down to Lilith's. He knocked and waited for her to respond.]
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[Action log transition to voice and post messages:]
[Coming back from the Underground, Aion carefully slipped back into the cathedral without being seen. Lightly coughing into his fist, he stealthily made his way to his room. The sinner removed his coat and hung it on the back of his chair as he plopped down into it. A deep sigh escaping him. Leaning back far enough to slightly hang his head, he covered his face with his hand as he cursed himself for coming down with something. Rarely did he ever get sick and yet here he was, only getting even more frustrated to think it was all part of a grand plan the deities put out to keep him tamed. Taking off his glasses and tossing them onto the desk, he flipped his cell phone open to begin messaging people. His eyes gravely stared at the ceiling above him as he took care of business before trying to relax.]

Private voice message to Joshua/unhackable )

Private voice message to Jenai/unhackable )

[Filter to the Cathedral (Keiichi included):]

Lilith, do me a favor and bring some lemon tea to my room for me?

Rena, how are you feeling? If something is the matter make sure Lilith knows.

Also, if any of you wanted to see me about anything, it'll have to wait. I ask that you don't disturb me for the next few days unless it's on something I've asked of you. Appreciate it.

[ooc: You guessed it~ what other opportunity would I have but to make him join the bandwagon of sick ppl~<3 lol Was also coerced by Lilith =>w>=;;;; LOLOL ♥]]
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[Later in the day, once Lilith had left to tend to her patients at the hospital, Aion walked down the long Cathedral hall with a plate and small bag in hand. It was interesting what he had seen the day he fought Lilith; much worth to share the info with his comrade. Knocking on Jenai's door, he called through the door.]

It's me. Are you awake?
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So this is the curse spoken of... ha ha ha... Ha ha ha... interesting... TRULY INTERESTING! HA HA HA!

...haa... so a 'system' exist here as well... those fucking bastards are everywhere it seems...

Joshua, Jenai... Good work. Our obstacle is gone... Now to figure out just what kind of world we're in... Find out as much as you can and report back to me.

Now for this blood...

[Transition to AP:]

[Covered in blood himself, Aion heads to the bathroom in the Cathedral to wash off. Opening the door, he senses someone in there and quietly listens by the doorway.]

[ooc: Aion is affected by today's curse as well~ Not exactly sure just how many demons he's slayed but enough to cover his body I'd assume =^^=;;;; Will probably post in the ooc too but anyone interested in becoming Aion's victim? Please let me know~ Thank you so much!]


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