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[Accidental/OR INTENTIONAL voice post:]
[The feed begins with a rapid, high-pitched voice rambling on at words per second.]

Cliiiiiick~ Here you go Master! I've already turned the voice post on for you since you've been mentioning how you wanted to contact certain people! And Oh! Don't forget to check your voice messages and inbox and oh, the texts too since you get quite a bit of those! And the weather seems to be on the hotter side but you always manage just fine with what you wear~


[Hear a sluggish, low emo voice] He should... wear me today... Just sayin'....


Oh! Yeah! That T-shirt and jeans would be an excellent choice! Come to think of it I don't think I've ever seen you wear anything else besid--

[Audio feed is abruptly cut off]

[ooc; Cursed badly with If these walls could talk. LOL Umm.. yeah, red is his cellphone talking and blue is the clothes Lilith bought for him during X-mas that he's yet to wear LOLOL;;; Expect to be interrupted by his cellphone or it answering if you message him by voice. Texts will not be interrupted.]


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