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[How strange. Have the demon thoughtfully sitting at his desk with a hand under his chin. The autumn season. He never really gave it much thought before, but he did recall certain members of the household, particularly Fiore and Joshua, doing things for such time of the year. The smell of pumpkin pie from the heated oven for one and the abundance of apples that would be laying around the house was another. The urge to relive those moments and experience more of the events that go on during this season was growing strong within him as the day progressed. He gave it another thought before finally opening his mouth to ask the citizens more accustomed to such traditions as he shifts in his seat.]

I presume apple picking is one of the things done during this season but tell me was there anything else?

Also.. Lilith, if you'll please make pumpkin pie for dessert tonight, I'd appreciate it. I'm feeling... nostalgic.

[ooc; Idea swap is a go o/ This idea is from Mike who wishes to do fall stuff like go apple picking, go on wagon rides, and run through corn mazes! Open AP to anyone who wants to do these things with Aion~ lol And this is dated to noon! Thanks!]


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