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[AP: Underground:]
[The one day he doesn't check his phone prior to heading to the Underground is the day that he's hit with one of the worst curses. Not running into Lilith before leaving the Cathedral was a good thing as she often made requests that he ended up doing either way but never did he expect her to be after someone and particularly him. Aion casually walked down the street when...]


[Accidental audio feed after getting caught (From here):]

I~ caught~ you~.

[Light laughter from the sinner.] So it seems. Though I don't see why you wouldn't as you've managed it before.


[ooc: AP for Rip, tho I'll edit and add an accidental audio feed after getting caught so ppl can tease him~ =>W<=;;; LOLOL. Added!! Sorry for the backdating guys~ =TTWTT= Thanks Rip-mun for this! <3333]


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