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[Private to Graendal:]
I'm assuming you've noticed by now as well. I've even searched the area myself for the past few days now and confirmed it. He's missing. Though...


[Filter to Social Club [Crusader]:]

Ladies and Gentlemen. I can't help but find it quiet for the past few weeks until the recent explosion which I assume most of you know what or more so who I'm implying to.

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[Aion entered the Den after a few hours of running around in the Underground. It wasn't long before he would have to move both apostles from this place, he thought with frustration. Moving to the back of the building, he headed for the reserved room to speak with the two.]

[ooc: Hey this takes place after this on the next day (saturday). Chrno and co. please allow time for Graendal, Aion, Az, and Joshua to converse a little first before barging in for the rescue. Note: I have received godmod rights for Joshua when Jesse isn't around. Thanks!]
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[Private to Graendal:] )

[Private to Deities:] )


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