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[Have a sinner sitting at what seems like a small bar somewhere. Facing the screen dead on with a small glass of whiskey before him, he rests his cheek on the back of his hand.]

They've opened the doors again, have they?

[He lightly laughed as he circled the glass.]

It'll be interesting to see, who's visiting this time...

[ooc; 4th wall is a go, spoilers are ok now since he already knows most lD;;;]
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[Inbox message:]

Leave a message.



[Much like any night, this was one to just simply relax. Aion was aware of the visitors again and it was precisely the reason he left his phone on vibrate. It wasn't to say he didn't look forward to hearing from his comrades, especially from the select few he had given orders to bring back to their world. But he had much to think about of the upcoming things that he was planning. He had to thank the deities on that one though he was more looking forward to making it their downfall for sparking such idea into his mind.

He quietly stood on the roof while looking over the festival from above. Chinese New Year. Cheers to a new start.]

[ooc: I wanted to try this approach this time~ He'll be checking his inbox (voice and text) frequently so anyone who wants to bug him for 4th wall is a go (Personal things he'll probably private filter though, has to watch out from giving too much to his new allies :P)! And anyone feel free to start an AP with him too! Just as a note, I'm terribly sorry for the delay in responses, this weekend is just not a good weekend considering the holiday;;; but I'll tag as soon as I can! Thanks and Happy Valentine's day and Happy New Years everyone!]
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[voice post:]

Again, I see. So the City decides to close this ridiculous month by crowding this place. Make sure you don't regret it, heh.

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[voice post:]
You're making this a habit. Though at this point, lending a ear doesn't seem like a bad idea.

Entertain me, why don't you.

[ooc: Same goes as before. Anything about the things he's seen during the coming-of-age and mommy must be in private. Thanks! Voice post or action logs are a go. Happy 4th everyone! Backlogging is ok too!]
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[His cellphone randomly rings and he picks it up with a sigh.]

Who is it?

[ooc: S-sorry for the lame reason for him to be on the net for this curse... OTL but yea, he doesn't normally just post anything random soo, please excuse me. -TTWTT- Please refrain from telling him anything about his future. And if anything is mentioned about his true connection to Chrno or about his mommy.... please make it private so Chrno or anyone else can't read... tho you will not have a happy sinner. OTL Thank you very much! -TTWTT- <3333 PS: All posts assumed voice and private voice for ones indicated.]
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[The screen automatically turns on, showing the sinner sitting at his desk with a book in hand and sipping from a mug.]

[[ooc: Yes.. I know.. lame but that was the only way I could think of in order to get him involved.. OTL. This is my first fourth wall. Please I ask that you don't ask him about Voldemort "you-know-who" and the things he's seen during his refinement stage. Thank you *bows* P-Please... be gentle ♥~?]]


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