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Another ridiculous curse day, I take it. One where the inhabitants are forced to speak of their homeland freely, ha ha ha. The deities truly try their best to keep things entertaining, don`t they? OK! Why not share a little bit of my own! Besides, it`s a befitting day. Today, will be the day to set things back in order.

Pandemonium, the demon society, which holds its queen to spawn numerous minions in order to protect one truth. How fearful they are that this information will leak.

I will be the one drawing the curtains and ringing the coming bell for a new era.

Private to Jenai )

Private to Fiore )

Private to Lilith )

[Aion finished posting his messages in his room before heading out of the Cathedral to the designated challenge spot he`s set with Chrno. Despite having told Chrno that he wanted him to show up alone, his aim was to draw her out as well. Add the Las Vegas Songstress and it would almost be too perfect. With his back up informed, the demon was ready to take back what had been toyed with. Those horns were the only thing left to contact her. He had to get them back at all cost.

Sending out his eagle ahead of him, he checked on his former comrade`s status of whether he had already showed up or not. The sinner carried on his shoulder a black case with a bag of two cups of sugar in his hand and began to walk towards Xanadu himself with a wide, eccstastic grin on his face.]

[ooc: Few notes, I`m aware that Fiore-mun had dropped but Aion doesn`t know so that`s why it`s there. Top text to public. Action log closed to informed ppl. Again, thank you so much for letting me do this plot for my own benefit and highly highly apologize that it will most likely fall into a backdated log! orz You guys are the best, much love!]
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[voice post:]
Ha ha ha! This is something. Truly entertaining, really. To think a young lady such as her would pull off such stunt. It seems I`ve miscalculated in my plans. You`ve got some partner there, Chrno! You`re listening to this, aren`t you? Why don`t we have a little chat.


[Private to Jenai:]
I`ll go retrieve the horns. You track where the other apostles are. See that there are more "resources" for Fiore.


[ooc: Please refrain from telling Aion that Fiore is gone so that he could feel confident in challenging Chrno. He`s already furious that Joshua`s back to normal and is trying to get his plan back on track. Be warned that he may not say much, depending on who you are.]
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[Filtered to Cathedral:]
With how things are as of now,we`ll have to alter our plans.I`ll fill you in once I`ve come up with a solution.Continue searching for Joshua.

[Filtered to Fiore:]
You`ve spoken with him,haven`t you,Fi?
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[Accidental voice post:]
Ugh... my head- !!

[/Turns off]


[Aion noticed the voice post on his cell phone and quickly shut it off. Yet another string pulled by the City. Having a massive headache for majority of the day, the sinner deeply sighed as he took off his glasses and covered part of his face with his hand. The City was really screwing with him as if it hadn't been for the past few months now.

Having slept all day during the 27th, the only thing he could remember was the pure darkness that surrounded him. So quiet and... alone. Was it another one of those curses except this one made people feel like their dead? He wasn't sure but whatever it was the extra sleep he was forced to take was having a heavy toll on him. Sitting at his desk trying to find out what had been going on, Aion finally gave in for the day. He shut off the monitor to the computer and leaned back in his chair with his eyes closed, aggravated.

Waiting a few minutes, calming down, he flipped open his phone to deal with the unbearable situation. It was past the recommended four-hour wait, right?]

[Filtered Voice post to Fiore/audible-viewable to cathedral:]
Fi, please bring me some more medicine.

[/voice post]

OOC note and apology )
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Chrno...? Chrno!? Where did you go? I hear you bu- heheh stop hiding and come out! You can't fool me! Yah! [Sound of diving in sheets]

[Having come home late the night before, Aion collapsed onto his bed with his cellphone in his hand. Come morning, his body changed and swimming in his clothing, the demon gets startled by the beeping from the phone and wakes up. Recalling his comrade beside him before falling asleep last night or so he thought, memories altered, he starts searching under the covers to find him.]

[[ooc: yep~ you got it! It's Child!Aion of around 7 years old-ish with dark hair and fairer skin like Chrno since it's before he got tainted~ *SHOT*! If you're in the cathedral, you're more than welcome to come into his room or knock to start a action log! For everyone else, it'll have to be a voice post! Sorry... for the lack of... child icons... OTL.]]
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[It's finally begun. The torture that he'd been dreading in order to pay the price for his lessons. The exchange that Lilith had requested was for him to help with shopping and decorating, not to mention to at least pretend to be in the 'spirit' for the holidays. Either way, he convinced himself of it all being worthwhile for the knowledge he was obtaining.

Aion waited for the two ladies by the entrance of the Cathedral as he kept pondering on. The subjects needed were obtained but there were still a few things left for him to do. Finding a private place to put the resources, the social club, and about that girl. He leaned against the wall and let out a bothersome sigh as he closed his eyes.]
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Privates to Fiore, Joshua, Jenai, Lilith: )

[Transition to action log:]

[Another month over and into one the demon wasn't very much fond of. Just the thought of Christmas was enough to make his blood boil. Ridiculous. All this celebrating, praising, and for what? None of it exists. Some farce made up all thanks to the system. At least it had its advantages. What better month than to gather useful information from those 'giving' citizens. Especially with Fiore here, so many new options opened up for the sinner. Not to forget about the arrival of the new apostle as well.

Even so, Aion was frustrated that things weren't going as he had planned. The "bell" was supposed to have rung by now with her voice heard from the depths of the ocean. No Eden. No organ. No Shader. No apostles, at least not all of them. Not that it would have mattered here anyway but it was still a whole pile of new things he had to think about. Another bothersome step towards freedom. Two fucking systems. Just when he thought he had enough to worry about, there was her, Lilith. The one that questions and monitors his every motive. He hated to admit it but he needed her help. The pile of books didn't compared to the amount of knowledge she had, especially when it came to technology. He deeply sighed and closed his phone after sending out his messages as he walked down the long hall towards the exit of the Cathedral.]

[ooc: Just so you guys know, the action log is only meant to write his thoughts out but know I'm always up to log if you want to. Sorry that they're usually only opened to those in the Cathedral unless specified. Thanks!]
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[Stepping outside by the entrance, Aion stood there with a grin on his face. With a hand in his pocket, the other finished messaging Fiore of their location via his cellphone. What a pleasant surprise this was. He couldn't be more grateful that she arrived. Without a replenish of jewels, the sinner was pretty much bound, unable to take large measures without taking a certain amount of risk. Flipping it closed, he quietly waited for her arrival.]


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