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[For the past week, frustration was to say the least for how Aion's been feeling. The past few curses have not only been pathetic but for the deities to have him act in such a manner... It was unforgivable. Though despite the foul mood, waking up this morning was rather... different. The morning sunlight felt wonderful and he couldn't have been in a better mood. The world he despised yesterday seemed beautiful today.]

[Voice post:]
Good morning Lilith. Is there anything I could do for you this morning before I head off to work? You know, I've been rather selfish lately. It's been a while since we spent some time together. Why don't I come home early today and we'll have dinner together. Perhaps a game of chess? If you'll be late tonight, I could come pick you up at the hospital when you're done and I'll treat you to dinner then. What, don't take me wrong now, ha ha. I'm not asking for anything major in return. Simply requesting quality time with a dear friend.

Chrno, you know, I truly resent my actions in the past. Let me make it up to you somehow.

I feel like giving back to the community somehow. Speak, if you need assistance with anything. I'll do my best to attend to them.


[ooc: The opening is just to acknowledge the fact that he's been pissed lately. But yeah, I present to you Saintly!Aion for morality reversal day. So he'll be acting for the good today~ Open to all for logging or just simply chatting.]


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