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[Video Post:]

[There, a dark-skinned man dressed in full shiny armor with a white cape matching his snowy hair sitting cross-legged in his comfortable reclining chair as he quietly sips a glass of wine. A devious grin across his lips and dark violet eyes staring towards the camera, he slowly swayed the glass in his hand. His voice, well, held its same seductive tone expect... in a rare sing-songy way towards his listeners.]

Oh, lovely maidens that flourish this land.
Name yourselves and show thy face.
This heart is lured by your beauty and strength.
Curious to explore and take all that's within.

With a flower once again, becoming the seed.
You and I shall conquer all and remove the shackles.
I am the only one to set you free.

[ooc: LOL Evil prince here trying to seduce the fair maidens to gain power and fame~ ->W<-;;; Open to everyone for logging or video responding~ Let me know! I'll have him come out and meet you! I'm up for anything really~<33]


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