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Phew, finally done. I can't take this anymore.

Chrno, get your ass over to the library! We're going to the bar. Remington's damn paper did it for me.

Mary stop teaching those brats and come join us for once.

Lilith get your nose out of that book and come relax with us.

[Closing his phone, Aion finished sending his exams out to his professors and closed down the computer. He let out a deep sigh, grabbing his backpack, and began to walk out the door and wait for Chrno in front of the library.]

[[ooc: Open to anyone. Aion finished his exams and is sick of school. Bar anyone? lol Sorry tags will continue when I get back from dinner and shopping~<333 Edit: Action log started in Chrno's comment, join in whenever you'd like~! Thanks guys!]]


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