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[Action Post: Cathedral Rooftop:]

[A bottle in hand and the stars above, the sinner sat on the roof tops of the Cathedral. Lots have happened the past few days including losing one of his only hopes in making his plans a success. It was something expected though. Everyone has left at some point and he's learned this well. Be it at the deities' whim or a master plan to actually screw with him was another story. He took a swig of the liquor as he stared up at the stars. Weird how he suddenly felt the urge to drink out here. At least it was quiet.]

[[ooc: AP meant for Chrno tho open to anyone else who wants to stop by and say hi? *SHOT*. Though I ask no major conflict to cause a fight. It is a peaceful night after all~~~<333 lol Even a phone call or text message works too if you prefer that instead~ =^W^= b Thanks!]]
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[Voice post:]
Ah~ I still remember till this day. The number of those pests dropping one by one by the second and that beautiful sight. Your hands tainted crimson red as you lead us out to take our first step to freedom.

It's still burned into these eyes of mine. Those days when you were truly you! Chrno, come back to me and once again become my sword, where you rightfully belong!

You've always enjoyed how I've treated you, haven't you?


[ooc: Uhhh soooo... there are a lot of ppl who thinks Aion is obsessed with Chrno WHICH HE IS! buuuuuuuuuuut not sexually and so yeah allowing those cracktastic fantasies to come true for some of you, here's Aion obsessed over Chrno in THAT way~ =>W<=;;; and gah, sorry if this isn't what the curse is about OTL I had to ask a few to find out what it's about and then go off on my assumptions sooo I hope it's done right =TTWTT= <3 Just let me know if... it isn't OTL Thanks!]
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[Voice post:]
Ha ha ha, I'm happy, Chrno, to see you haven't become entirely gutless.

[Recovers from laughter and a moment of silence] I'm also hap-, pleased you are here- [Sudden drop.]

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[Voice post:]
Read the labels carefully today, citizens. Know there are consequences for touching my things. And those labeled, ha ha ha, remember well who you belong to. You're mine.

[/voice post]

[Private voice to der_freischuetz/unhackable:]

A certain man has suggested I get to know you, [livejournal.com profile] der_freischuetz. Why not humor him? Answer if you're interested.


[ooc: LOL Possessive!Aion much? But here are the label distributions to ppl besides him marking up most of the Cathedral;;; Lilith, Shader (with marker), Graendal, Yuuki Kurosu, Alexiel, and Chrno ignore that they're all women except Chrno;;;;; OTL get a label saying "Property of Aion"; Shiki, Akiha, Fakir, and Rosette get a label saying "Aion's prey". These ppl specifically get one because he's met them in the past and have an idea where they are. The label can either be smacked onto you by his Eagle (which is more if you want to get involved with him) or just delivered by it (which is more doesn't want to be bothered by this curse). Up to you guys and let me know if I should change anything! Lore~ if you want to AP Lilith's label, just let me know or start it, lol ~<333

Also, Hey~ Rip-mun. Luke just sent him the contact info and didn't state her name so that's why it's the journal name just so you know~ Thanks guys!]
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[For the past week, frustration was to say the least for how Aion's been feeling. The past few curses have not only been pathetic but for the deities to have him act in such a manner... It was unforgivable. Though despite the foul mood, waking up this morning was rather... different. The morning sunlight felt wonderful and he couldn't have been in a better mood. The world he despised yesterday seemed beautiful today.]

[Voice post:]
Good morning Lilith. Is there anything I could do for you this morning before I head off to work? You know, I've been rather selfish lately. It's been a while since we spent some time together. Why don't I come home early today and we'll have dinner together. Perhaps a game of chess? If you'll be late tonight, I could come pick you up at the hospital when you're done and I'll treat you to dinner then. What, don't take me wrong now, ha ha. I'm not asking for anything major in return. Simply requesting quality time with a dear friend.

Chrno, you know, I truly resent my actions in the past. Let me make it up to you somehow.

I feel like giving back to the community somehow. Speak, if you need assistance with anything. I'll do my best to attend to them.


[ooc: The opening is just to acknowledge the fact that he's been pissed lately. But yeah, I present to you Saintly!Aion for morality reversal day. So he'll be acting for the good today~ Open to all for logging or just simply chatting.]
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[Aion entered the Den after a few hours of running around in the Underground. It wasn't long before he would have to move both apostles from this place, he thought with frustration. Moving to the back of the building, he headed for the reserved room to speak with the two.]

[ooc: Hey this takes place after this on the next day (saturday). Chrno and co. please allow time for Graendal, Aion, Az, and Joshua to converse a little first before barging in for the rescue. Note: I have received godmod rights for Joshua when Jesse isn't around. Thanks!]
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Phew, finally done. I can't take this anymore.

Chrno, get your ass over to the library! We're going to the bar. Remington's damn paper did it for me.

Mary stop teaching those brats and come join us for once.

Lilith get your nose out of that book and come relax with us.

[Closing his phone, Aion finished sending his exams out to his professors and closed down the computer. He let out a deep sigh, grabbing his backpack, and began to walk out the door and wait for Chrno in front of the library.]

[[ooc: Open to anyone. Aion finished his exams and is sick of school. Bar anyone? lol Sorry tags will continue when I get back from dinner and shopping~<333 Edit: Action log started in Chrno's comment, join in whenever you'd like~! Thanks guys!]]
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Chrno...? Chrno!? Where did you go? I hear you bu- heheh stop hiding and come out! You can't fool me! Yah! [Sound of diving in sheets]

[Having come home late the night before, Aion collapsed onto his bed with his cellphone in his hand. Come morning, his body changed and swimming in his clothing, the demon gets startled by the beeping from the phone and wakes up. Recalling his comrade beside him before falling asleep last night or so he thought, memories altered, he starts searching under the covers to find him.]

[[ooc: yep~ you got it! It's Child!Aion of around 7 years old-ish with dark hair and fairer skin like Chrno since it's before he got tainted~ *SHOT*! If you're in the cathedral, you're more than welcome to come into his room or knock to start a action log! For everyone else, it'll have to be a voice post! Sorry... for the lack of... child icons... OTL.]]
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[Rena's condition was becoming further unstable by the day. Whether her body was getting dependent on the medication or not, Aion knew that if he wanted to carry out his plan it had to be now or never. The sinner patiently waited for Lilith to leave for work before slipping to Rena's room.

Slowly opening her door, he stood tall with a devious grin on his face, the light emitting an eerie glare over his glasses.]

It's time, Rena...
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I'm feeling exceptionally good today. I'm not certain why.

Filtered to Cathedral: )

Filtered to Chrno: )
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[Filtered to Chrno and from Rena/known enemies (unhackable):]

Yo~ Chrno... How've you been feeling? Be happy, I have good news. I found a new contractor for you. Despite her being human, she has an interesting side to her, ha ha ha... Well, there's nothing to worry about. She's not your type.

She'll only be a temporary replacement but I'm working on getting you a permanent one. Then you could be rid of that watch and pathetic form you're in... Don't tell me you haven't thought of what I said. Remember, you could never make her happy with the way you are... Such a waste suppressing all that power... Don't you agree it's about time you let your true nature come out?



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