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[Accidental video post:]
[See a young boy with dark hair and fair skin, to some finding a similar resemblance to Chrno than really the usual Aion himself. But nonetheless, Aion finds himself in the form of an 8 year old this time with his memories of his last visit intact. Sitting on the bed as he closes his phone from speaking to people on the net, the young sinner was ready for an adventure. But of course first... He raised his arms to either side, clothed in an over-sized dress shirt again as he called out to those he knew were supposedly living there.]

Fi~~~~!? Where are you!? I need clothes again! The Commander has to be ready for anything!

[When he doesn't hear an answer, he slipped out of the bed with a frown and walked towards the door to peak out.]

Or Lilith? Are you here too?

[/video post]

[ooc: Again, apology for lack of kid icons OTL But yeah, he'll remember everything from the time he was here~<33]
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Chrno...? Chrno!? Where did you go? I hear you bu- heheh stop hiding and come out! You can't fool me! Yah! [Sound of diving in sheets]

[Having come home late the night before, Aion collapsed onto his bed with his cellphone in his hand. Come morning, his body changed and swimming in his clothing, the demon gets startled by the beeping from the phone and wakes up. Recalling his comrade beside him before falling asleep last night or so he thought, memories altered, he starts searching under the covers to find him.]

[[ooc: yep~ you got it! It's Child!Aion of around 7 years old-ish with dark hair and fairer skin like Chrno since it's before he got tainted~ *SHOT*! If you're in the cathedral, you're more than welcome to come into his room or knock to start a action log! For everyone else, it'll have to be a voice post! Sorry... for the lack of... child icons... OTL.]]


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