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[The knight or the pawn? Her queen was tempting, though he knew better than to go after it without further planning. Aion sat on the bench with his leg crossed over and hand covering part of his mouth as he thought of his next move in their chess game. Set up in the middle of the garden, the change of scenery and pace was nice considering they had been cooped up in his room for hours. Damn theories could be so confusing sometimes but he was grateful Lilith was willing to teach him.

Having canceled their last meeting in order to further his research on the Social Club and having an interesting meeting the night before, the sinner could really use the break. He finally decided to move his pawn forward when he remembered what Lilith had said a few days ago. If she was going to ask for something hectic, he figured he should get it out of the way. Though it was probably something like discipline Jenai, knowing the woman by now.]

Speaking of lessons, what was it that you wanted in exchange?


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