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[The video feed turns on to show the viewers the outside of the Cathedral as a single Eagle flies by the screen and perches on top of the roof. Spreading its grand wings, it let's out a loud screech, indirectly notifying nearby citizens of its location and an open invitation for refuge during these times of need.

However, take caution. What they don't know is that it's one from the devil, himself, to step into his territory if they dare.]

[ooc; Backdated to the 30th so it's during Broke episode! Open AP to everyone taking place at the Cathedral for some conversation and possible convincing and coercing to the darkside especially if they're naive enough. But nothing too much unless you give me permission to do so~ Mostly 'friendly' conversation and finding out more about the citizens. Thanks!]
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[The video turns on to show a close up of a single flower within the inner garden of what looks like the Cathedral. It soon zoomed out to show the whole row of bushes that were all in bloom. A soft voice spoke out as one could see a tanned hand begin to pour water over the plant before moving onto the next.]

A small confession, citizens... I must admit, I do enjoy tending to these flowers that she left behind. A shame there were no mothers to share them with.

[ooc; Cursed with False Confessions for grab bag! Open to all and open AP as well at the Cathedral if anyone wants to interact with him though expect major lies with a hint of truth~ XDDDD!]
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[This couldn't be happening. It was almost like a conspiracy. The two apostles gone and now this!? Aion slowly began to open his eyes as he stared at the ground from his given position. The sudden flow of air into his lungs forced him to violently cough as residual blood splatted out. He angrily gritted his teeth as he managed to stand and lean against the wall of the building. The hair follicles left around his neck and suit gradually fell to the floor. He didn't know what the hell that thing was but the sensation he was feeling throughout his body gave him the verdict of what had happened. His skin cold as ice, it was the same feeling he felt when the demon touched the Saint's skin. He was certain he was the walking dead.

The sinner weakly began to walk out of the private room of the casino and headed towards the exit. There were no longer damages to his body but his suit was stained in red and the shear exhaustion remained; making it difficult to check the messages on his phone and keep his balance in check without the support of something. After checking them, he violently shut it and tossed it into his pocket. Lilith's mindless blabbering was unsettling. He had to make it back home soon to find out the truth behind it.]

[[ooc: Sooo yea, the unseen creature attacked Aion and rid of him in the process since he didn't do that deities tribute ->W>-;;; so right now he's on his way back to the Cathedral. I made it an open action log in case anyone wanted to possibly help him (especially if they don't know him? LOL), mock him (which yea, don't beat him up too much~ -TTWTT-;;;, or something~ lol between the time of leaving the Casino and making it to the Cathedral. And Lore~ action log for Lilith is a go~<333 Thanks!]]
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[Aion managed to return to his room undetected after successfully capturing a second apostle out of shear luck. That was quite unexpected and frankly, as lucky as that was, he wasn't in any mood to be greeted by anyone else, especially if the next person coming were to be him. He plopped down into his seat as he deeply thought.

Now, what was he to do with Lilith. The things she said. There was no doubt, she would betr- no, she was never on his side to begin with. The sinner lightly sighed and softly cackled. He was a fool for relying on her this much. He never realized how tough it was to do everything on his own, though it wasn't anything he couldn't manage. He sure took Shader for granted, he thought with a weak smile. The apostles will have to be moved by tomorrow, he decided as he adjusted his glasses.]

[ooc: Sorry for slipping this entry in at the last minute but yea, we wanted Mary to get some action so... this happens a few hours after this;;;; ]
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[It wasn't easy getting around in Azumaria's body but Aion somehow managed all right through out the day. It was a good thing he left the Opera House before the others noticed their swap. It would have caused more hassle although he was guaranteed to be safe. He was in the apostle's body after all. They would never manage to hurt her though he knew they wouldn't hesitate to keep him restrained. Restrict, lock up...

The clock nearing midnight quicker than expected, the sinner quickly slipped into the Cathedral through the back in case Lilith was home. This place always had a clock tower he never bothered to check. He quickly climbed the long stair case till he made it to the top. He stared at the lock with a key placed in it and deeply thought. It was risky but it was worth taking a shot. He needed her. Sie opened the door and locked it first before stepping inside and slamming it shut. Sie double checked the door knob and deviously grinned to see that it had worked. Aion then slid the palm pilot and the key under the door and simply took a seat on the ground, patiently waiting until the time came.]

[[ooc: This takes place right before midnight on Sunday during the body swap. He locked himself up so that he'd possibly have himself a cute apostle~ >DDDDD Feel free to notice she's missing but please don't find her yet cuz he'z got planz~ Thanks!]]


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