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[The feed turns on with the view of the ground and then quickly lifted to show the front entrance to the Ohtori Private Academy, seen not too far away and progressively getting closer. It suddenly comes to a halt and a long sigh heard from the owner of the device. He begins to mumble.]

One more fucking year and then I'm out of here, heh. Private school my ass. They should just do everyone a favor and burn this useless place down along with the idiots.

[Aion finally turns the video onto himself -wearing his school uniform surprisingly neat besides the loosened tie around his neck and a piercing on his ear- as he gives a snide grin.]

So I have a proposal, my fellow classmates. If we're forced to attend these boring classes, let's play the game then, shall we? It'll certainly make things far more interesting.


[Another boring day started, the young sinner spent his lunch period hanging out on the roof of the school building staring down at the students and teachers below carrying on with their activities. A cigarette idly hanging from between his lip, he casually sat on the ledge with one leg bent and began to check his phone as he contemplated on attending his next class or not.]

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