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[It wasn't easy getting around in Azumaria's body but Aion somehow managed all right through out the day. It was a good thing he left the Opera House before the others noticed their swap. It would have caused more hassle although he was guaranteed to be safe. He was in the apostle's body after all. They would never manage to hurt her though he knew they wouldn't hesitate to keep him restrained. Restrict, lock up...

The clock nearing midnight quicker than expected, the sinner quickly slipped into the Cathedral through the back in case Lilith was home. This place always had a clock tower he never bothered to check. He quickly climbed the long stair case till he made it to the top. He stared at the lock with a key placed in it and deeply thought. It was risky but it was worth taking a shot. He needed her. Sie opened the door and locked it first before stepping inside and slamming it shut. Sie double checked the door knob and deviously grinned to see that it had worked. Aion then slid the palm pilot and the key under the door and simply took a seat on the ground, patiently waiting until the time came.]

[[ooc: This takes place right before midnight on Sunday during the body swap. He locked himself up so that he'd possibly have himself a cute apostle~ >DDDDD Feel free to notice she's missing but please don't find her yet cuz he'z got planz~ Thanks!]]
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[Come early morning, the sinner opened his eyes and found himself abruptly sitting up. He looked around the room as the fire began to kindle inside of him; feeling the rage build once again that had finally settled over the course of the past few days. Not again... not fucking again!! He threw the covers aside and looked at his attire before standing in front of a mirror.

He deeply swallowed once as he darkly stared at the apostle he had been meaning to retrieve for quite some time. A hand covering his mouth, he tried to calm down while falling into a deep thought of what to do next. He remembered what had happened when he swapped bodies with Lilith. This may work to his advantage after all.]

[ooc: Sooo yeaa... Bodyswapped Aion strikes again. This time with Azumaria so he'll be in Azu's body for the whole day and roaming the Opera House. I don't want to make two posts so anyone wanting to talk to Aion just place it in the subject line that it's a text post and I'll have him text back using whatever Azu uses. Also, I know it's hard not to notice because Azu is just too too cute but please don't find out that it's Aion until he leaves the Opera House. You can suspect but don't know for sure until then. I'll do my very best to make it convincing that he's capable of hiding his identity~ -TTWTT-;;; orz Thank you very much!]


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