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[Accidental Video post:]
[The screen is pitch black with only sounds of grunting to be heard as little by little, it becomes more apparent to what is being shown. A glimpse of the graveyard is seen as it becomes yet again obstructed by the ground and debris this time as he places his hand down. Heavily panting, he lightly tosses the device off to the side as it lands onto the side of its frame opened for the viewers to see what's going on. Each member began to come out of the hole- first, the sinner crawling out of the hole created, followed by Lilith and Abel.

The demon rested on his backside as he rests his arms onto his knees. His white clothing covered in dirt, his face showed signs of aggravation as he tried to catch his breath. Just what the fuck was that all about? It wasn't long before the feed cuts off.]


[ooc: Continuation from what was going on here. Please assume that this was right at 11:58pm on the 8th~ =TTWTT= With the notifications not coming in, I wanted to hold off until some of them were flowing into the inbox which seems to be the case now. Voice or Vid for everyone. Let me know if anyone wants to Action anything~<3 Thanks!]


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