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[Accidental video post:]
[See a young boy with dark hair and fair skin, to some finding a similar resemblance to Chrno than really the usual Aion himself. But nonetheless, Aion finds himself in the form of an 8 year old this time with his memories of his last visit intact. Sitting on the bed as he closes his phone from speaking to people on the net, the young sinner was ready for an adventure. But of course first... He raised his arms to either side, clothed in an over-sized dress shirt again as he called out to those he knew were supposedly living there.]

Fi~~~~!? Where are you!? I need clothes again! The Commander has to be ready for anything!

[When he doesn't hear an answer, he slipped out of the bed with a frown and walked towards the door to peak out.]

Or Lilith? Are you here too?

[/video post]

[ooc: Again, apology for lack of kid icons OTL But yeah, he'll remember everything from the time he was here~<33]
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[The screen full of static, soon an image of a woman is seen in a nightgown as she quickly gets out of bed. Feeling her face, she stares down at her hands in disbelief.]

What the...

[Her expression soon grows grim as she balls one of her hands into a fist before it cuts out.]

[ooc: Why yes, this is Aion except body swapped with Lilith for the day~ lol All comments will be video posts, where he'll try to use her image to his advantage, after his initial shock, so anyone friends with Lilith, you've been warned~ lol Just so you guys know, I plan on having him lose control of the nanomachines later in the day too~ And apologies ahead of time for possible slow tagging because I have to run some errands some time today. *bows* AP with Lilith if you want, Lore~<333]
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[Cutting in and out a few times at first, the image soon showed the demon sitting at his desk with his hand through the computer screen. Panting as he stared at his hand through the hole, Aion started to cackle.]

Ha ha ha... I thought it was strange that things were easily accessible here... Free equipment already set up for anyone to use... And now it's all clear...

[A deadly eye peaking over his glasses towards the camera, he gravely added.]

I know you're watching...

[Pulling his hand out, he leaned back into his chair and managed to form a grin as he adjusted his glasses which gave off an eerie glare.]

But I'm curious as to who else sees this as well...

[[ooc: This is after this conversation with Chrno during Truth or Dare.]]


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