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[The feed turns on with the view of the ground and then quickly lifted to show the front entrance to the Ohtori Private Academy, seen not too far away and progressively getting closer. It suddenly comes to a halt and a long sigh heard from the owner of the device. He begins to mumble.]

One more fucking year and then I'm out of here, heh. Private school my ass. They should just do everyone a favor and burn this useless place down along with the idiots.

[Aion finally turns the video onto himself -wearing his school uniform surprisingly neat besides the loosened tie around his neck and a piercing on his ear- as he gives a snide grin.]

So I have a proposal, my fellow classmates. If we're forced to attend these boring classes, let's play the game then, shall we? It'll certainly make things far more interesting.


[Another boring day started, the young sinner spent his lunch period hanging out on the roof of the school building staring down at the students and teachers below carrying on with their activities. A cigarette idly hanging from between his lip, he casually sat on the ledge with one leg bent and began to check his phone as he contemplated on attending his next class or not.]

ooc note )
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[Accidental Video:]

[The feed begins as you see the sinner peacefully resting in bed. His dress shirt undone but still on indicated more than anything just how exhausted he must have been, collapsing after a long nights work. But it was quite obvious he wasn't alone. A slight shift of his arm and body reveals a woman sleeping beside him along with the sound of a chain rattling to his movement.

Sitting up and rubbing his face, he finally notices the handcuff and the woman and froze. His brief shock settles to a bothersome sigh as he clenches his head and stares at the woman sleeping before the feed cuts out.]


[AP: Cathedral: Aion's room]
[He heard the click of the feed shut off and glared at its general direction. Damn deities. He had a feeling this was going to be a long ass weekend. And just when he had matters he needed to attend to, he was attached to someone. At least it was a woman and the doctor's precious gem to top it. Someone he wanted to get to know anyhow. He rested his back against the headboard and stared out the window in thought as he waited for her to wake up.]

[ooc; Handcuff Day for Aion who's attached to Marishka! Open to all and they'll both be answering. Lore~ feel free to join our AP!]
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[Accidental Video:]

[Have a demon, who has found himself reduced to nothing but cotton and stitches today, except he has a permanent smirk across his lips that the deities purposefully placed. The tone of his voice is the only thing that made it obvious that the expression on the doll's face was much the opposite to how he was truly feeling.

He quickly notices a camera on him and turns to face his audience.]

What... the fuck. A new sense of humor I take it.

[ooc: Backdated to yesterday and cursed with toy story~<3]
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[voice post:]
Ah, this again. The types of photos you choose to spread across the land, heh. You're either predicting your own future or giving needless sentiment by showing me something such as this. [Hear a photo flip out of his hand.]

Or what? Perhaps a warning to those around? Valiant.

Though truly... who is the one causing all of the suffering? [He lightly laughs.]

Think about it.

[ooc: Backdating this to the 7th o/ And yes everyone can see the photos of him scattered around the City~<3]
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[See the screen turn on as the video button is pressed by a small hand and you see the sinner lightly cringe in pain. On the desk peering at his viewer was a small version of Aion-- timid and frail-- with a saddened look on his face along with a line of blood dripping down his chin from his mouth. Through him, you see part of a blade formed from an arm of the other miniature. A deadly look to his face, he gravely spoke before roughly pulling it out of him.]

The fuck do you think you're doing... Are you planning on ruining everything?

[Trembling, the one appearing to be his "good", reached out towards the screen and managed to mumble an "I'm sorry." before his head hung down and soon disappeared from sight. Aion, himself, simply gave a dark smirk and a small laughter despite the consequences that resulted from the dominant one's action before picking the phone back up.]

Seems my conscience is just fine. Nice try, deities.


[ooc: Affected for my inner voices curse. He has a small conscience of his 'good' side but nothing compared to his darker half that will actually help him get things done in order to achieve his goals no matter what. Red font is the dark conscience speaking. Either Aion or the dark one may respond.]
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[Inbox message:]

Leave a message.



[Much like any night, this was one to just simply relax. Aion was aware of the visitors again and it was precisely the reason he left his phone on vibrate. It wasn't to say he didn't look forward to hearing from his comrades, especially from the select few he had given orders to bring back to their world. But he had much to think about of the upcoming things that he was planning. He had to thank the deities on that one though he was more looking forward to making it their downfall for sparking such idea into his mind.

He quietly stood on the roof while looking over the festival from above. Chinese New Year. Cheers to a new start.]

[ooc: I wanted to try this approach this time~ He'll be checking his inbox (voice and text) frequently so anyone who wants to bug him for 4th wall is a go (Personal things he'll probably private filter though, has to watch out from giving too much to his new allies :P)! And anyone feel free to start an AP with him too! Just as a note, I'm terribly sorry for the delay in responses, this weekend is just not a good weekend considering the holiday;;; but I'll tag as soon as I can! Thanks and Happy Valentine's day and Happy New Years everyone!]
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[Voice post:]
[Gradual laughter is heard as the device is turned on.]

Ha ha ha... Yet another one... I see.
So this is your next move. Bravo City! Though I take it as fear than anything! You may have taken one but don't think he's the only joker in the deck. The fun has just begun.


[ooc: Many apologies for the misunderstanding on my part the last time I posted this but yuss... Chrno has now left the City and a small package with a picture of Aion and Chrno as young kids and his red scarf was left behind for the sinner. He's a little... ticked that the City took away his sword though he's trying to hold strong. =>W>=;;; Action log for those in Cathedral, voice/text for everyone else unless you want to plot something~<3 Let me know! For Luke-mun and Lore, I have the last comment screened because I wasn't sure if you wanted to respond with that. Please let me know if you want them unscreened. Many thanks!]
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[Voice post:]
Using the same trick every year I see... I'll see to it that it's different this time around.


[Action Post:]
[The time for that damn ridiculous plant again. Aion remembered well what happened last year with Chrno and with... her. Curse after curse and another Christmas to welcome. The sinner had grown used to it by now and the only thing he could do was continue to make progress at his own pace, especially with none of his comrades here besides Chrno. He knew that pitiful brother of his wouldn't do such a thing. It was all up to him.

He looked at his hand again and sighed. Nothing useful was coming in while sitting here and his hand was becoming sour. It was time to cash in and leave. He abruptly stood up from the card table and decided to head home for the night. He successfully avoided the curse going around again. He was determined to head back in the same manner.]

[ooc: Mistletoe curse~ though this time I'm not going to have Aion cursed for it but he doesn't know that he isn't yet =>W>=;;; So anyone who he runs into that's going to lean in closer, he'll choose whether he wants to or not, depending on who it is. Just so you guys know, will tag once I return from a party~ =>W<= <333 Thanks!]
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[Action Post: Cathedral Rooftop:]

[A bottle in hand and the stars above, the sinner sat on the roof tops of the Cathedral. Lots have happened the past few days including losing one of his only hopes in making his plans a success. It was something expected though. Everyone has left at some point and he's learned this well. Be it at the deities' whim or a master plan to actually screw with him was another story. He took a swig of the liquor as he stared up at the stars. Weird how he suddenly felt the urge to drink out here. At least it was quiet.]

[[ooc: AP meant for Chrno tho open to anyone else who wants to stop by and say hi? *SHOT*. Though I ask no major conflict to cause a fight. It is a peaceful night after all~~~<333 lol Even a phone call or text message works too if you prefer that instead~ =^W^= b Thanks!]]
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[AP: Underground:]
[The one day he doesn't check his phone prior to heading to the Underground is the day that he's hit with one of the worst curses. Not running into Lilith before leaving the Cathedral was a good thing as she often made requests that he ended up doing either way but never did he expect her to be after someone and particularly him. Aion casually walked down the street when...]


[Accidental audio feed after getting caught (From here):]

I~ caught~ you~.

[Light laughter from the sinner.] So it seems. Though I don't see why you wouldn't as you've managed it before.


[ooc: AP for Rip, tho I'll edit and add an accidental audio feed after getting caught so ppl can tease him~ =>W<=;;; LOLOL. Added!! Sorry for the backdating guys~ =TTWTT= Thanks Rip-mun for this! <3333]
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[Public Voice Post:]
This month would prove interesting to say the least. Don't you agree, citizens?

[/voice post]

[Private voice to Road:]
It's been a while [livejournal.com profile] dreamsofnoah. Still have that circus of yours?


[Private voice to Lilith:]
It's been several days now. Seeing as you haven't returned yet, have you finally grown afraid of me, Lilith? Ha ha.


[Action Log: The Arena:]

[A change in scenery was definitely called for. Having tolerated the ticking sound for the past few days that Lilith had been gone, the sinner decided to spend his evening at the Arena to enjoy a nice meal and drink while observing and betting on the fights presented. 8:30 pm.

Though his thoughts were else where. Going over his available resources in his head, he now had to carefully re-think his tactics yet again. Whether it was something the deities specifically planned or just a coincidence that he had such curse placed on him was unknown but it was irritating to say the least. Even his supposed 'allies' now knew of his background in much detail than he had hoped to share. But then again, things were now more black and white. Only those with the same goals and intentions would seek him in private which cut half of his work. Those deities sure knew how to keep him on his toes.

The other half was figuring out what to do with Lilith. She hadn't been home for the past several days after that curse. Things were a little more complex now that she knew of it but he didn't think anything of it besides receiving the same lecture. Quite frankly, he was pleased to have some quiet time but it didn't change the fact that he still needed to keep his eye on her along with Mary. He'd never admit it but he even went to make sure her portrait wasn't hanging in the Hall of Missing at that. It was a good thing she hadn't completely left the City, especially after browsing through the report Shader had sent him. A big discovery and a huge asset, not to forget she had been possessed by her once in the past. He couldn't afford to lose something like that now.]

[ooc: Open action log for anyone but it was mainly to portray what he's thinking at the moment after the huge mess Chrno made for him =TTWTT=;;;; It can even be closer to midnight so that it carries over to today's curse! Just let me know if you have any ideas you'd like to share~ Thanks~<33]
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[Voice post:]
Ah~ I still remember till this day. The number of those pests dropping one by one by the second and that beautiful sight. Your hands tainted crimson red as you lead us out to take our first step to freedom.

It's still burned into these eyes of mine. Those days when you were truly you! Chrno, come back to me and once again become my sword, where you rightfully belong!

You've always enjoyed how I've treated you, haven't you?


[ooc: Uhhh soooo... there are a lot of ppl who thinks Aion is obsessed with Chrno WHICH HE IS! buuuuuuuuuuut not sexually and so yeah allowing those cracktastic fantasies to come true for some of you, here's Aion obsessed over Chrno in THAT way~ =>W<=;;; and gah, sorry if this isn't what the curse is about OTL I had to ask a few to find out what it's about and then go off on my assumptions sooo I hope it's done right =TTWTT= <3 Just let me know if... it isn't OTL Thanks!]

[50] FML

Sep. 10th, 2009 12:31 am
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[Private voice to Solomon:/Unhackable]
It was nice meeting you at the hospital party, Doctor. Perhaps another opportunity will rise soon enough.


[Private voice to Luke Valentine: /Unhackable]
I've spoken to your suggested colleague. She's quite the character I must say. A trump to your deck perhaps? Ha ha ha.


[Private voice to Shader: /Unhackable]
Give me an update.


Action log: Cassagioso [spoiler warning] )

[ooc: Action log open to anyone though I'm going to assume that each interaction takes place at different times. One leaves and the next person enters just to keep it simple and I'd prefer no wreaking of havoc or provoking the poor sinner till he takes extensive action unless you've got an idea you want to share with me~<33 Just let me know! Thanks~<333]
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[Voice post:]
Read the labels carefully today, citizens. Know there are consequences for touching my things. And those labeled, ha ha ha, remember well who you belong to. You're mine.

[/voice post]

[Private voice to der_freischuetz/unhackable:]

A certain man has suggested I get to know you, [livejournal.com profile] der_freischuetz. Why not humor him? Answer if you're interested.


[ooc: LOL Possessive!Aion much? But here are the label distributions to ppl besides him marking up most of the Cathedral;;; Lilith, Shader (with marker), Graendal, Yuuki Kurosu, Alexiel, and Chrno ignore that they're all women except Chrno;;;;; OTL get a label saying "Property of Aion"; Shiki, Akiha, Fakir, and Rosette get a label saying "Aion's prey". These ppl specifically get one because he's met them in the past and have an idea where they are. The label can either be smacked onto you by his Eagle (which is more if you want to get involved with him) or just delivered by it (which is more doesn't want to be bothered by this curse). Up to you guys and let me know if I should change anything! Lore~ if you want to AP Lilith's label, just let me know or start it, lol ~<333

Also, Hey~ Rip-mun. Luke just sent him the contact info and didn't state her name so that's why it's the journal name just so you know~ Thanks guys!]
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[For the past week, frustration was to say the least for how Aion's been feeling. The past few curses have not only been pathetic but for the deities to have him act in such a manner... It was unforgivable. Though despite the foul mood, waking up this morning was rather... different. The morning sunlight felt wonderful and he couldn't have been in a better mood. The world he despised yesterday seemed beautiful today.]

[Voice post:]
Good morning Lilith. Is there anything I could do for you this morning before I head off to work? You know, I've been rather selfish lately. It's been a while since we spent some time together. Why don't I come home early today and we'll have dinner together. Perhaps a game of chess? If you'll be late tonight, I could come pick you up at the hospital when you're done and I'll treat you to dinner then. What, don't take me wrong now, ha ha. I'm not asking for anything major in return. Simply requesting quality time with a dear friend.

Chrno, you know, I truly resent my actions in the past. Let me make it up to you somehow.

I feel like giving back to the community somehow. Speak, if you need assistance with anything. I'll do my best to attend to them.


[ooc: The opening is just to acknowledge the fact that he's been pissed lately. But yeah, I present to you Saintly!Aion for morality reversal day. So he'll be acting for the good today~ Open to all for logging or just simply chatting.]
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[private text to Major:]
Your message has been relayed. Though that man had an interesting reaction when I mentioned your name and said something that caught my attention. I've requested he entertain my curiosity but he insisted that I ask you instead. What's this Millennium, he spoke of?


[Accidental voice post after message typed.]
This should be interesting and you as well, little one. Let's go see the others, shall we?

[A sound of a quack in the background heard.]

What, call it a mood.

[/voice post as phone closes]

[ooc: Soooo yeah, fetish day, right? lol He's having a little obsession with feathers today~ ->W<-;; So yeah, This has happened and he's headed for the zoo. lol]
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[Lying in bed, wrapped in bandage, Aion tensed his eyes as he turned his head to the side. A nervous sweat drop dripping down the side of his face, he struggled to keep his wit as he revisited his past through a dream.]

[Inside his dream: Minor spoiler so will put under cut in case] )

[ooc: Quick and dirty version of this scene from canon. Simply click the next to see what happens until they handle the situation. It's a bit of a spoiler just so you know. The numbers in the parentheses are parts of the dream anyone can come in at and the dream will alter according to what the person does or how they react, I suppose? lol Just let me know where you want to jump in~<3 Thanks!]
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[Aion entered the Den after a few hours of running around in the Underground. It wasn't long before he would have to move both apostles from this place, he thought with frustration. Moving to the back of the building, he headed for the reserved room to speak with the two.]

[ooc: Hey this takes place after this on the next day (saturday). Chrno and co. please allow time for Graendal, Aion, Az, and Joshua to converse a little first before barging in for the rescue. Note: I have received godmod rights for Joshua when Jesse isn't around. Thanks!]
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[Aion managed to return to his room undetected after successfully capturing a second apostle out of shear luck. That was quite unexpected and frankly, as lucky as that was, he wasn't in any mood to be greeted by anyone else, especially if the next person coming were to be him. He plopped down into his seat as he deeply thought.

Now, what was he to do with Lilith. The things she said. There was no doubt, she would betr- no, she was never on his side to begin with. The sinner lightly sighed and softly cackled. He was a fool for relying on her this much. He never realized how tough it was to do everything on his own, though it wasn't anything he couldn't manage. He sure took Shader for granted, he thought with a weak smile. The apostles will have to be moved by tomorrow, he decided as he adjusted his glasses.]

[ooc: Sorry for slipping this entry in at the last minute but yea, we wanted Mary to get some action so... this happens a few hours after this;;;; ]
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[It wasn't easy getting around in Azumaria's body but Aion somehow managed all right through out the day. It was a good thing he left the Opera House before the others noticed their swap. It would have caused more hassle although he was guaranteed to be safe. He was in the apostle's body after all. They would never manage to hurt her though he knew they wouldn't hesitate to keep him restrained. Restrict, lock up...

The clock nearing midnight quicker than expected, the sinner quickly slipped into the Cathedral through the back in case Lilith was home. This place always had a clock tower he never bothered to check. He quickly climbed the long stair case till he made it to the top. He stared at the lock with a key placed in it and deeply thought. It was risky but it was worth taking a shot. He needed her. Sie opened the door and locked it first before stepping inside and slamming it shut. Sie double checked the door knob and deviously grinned to see that it had worked. Aion then slid the palm pilot and the key under the door and simply took a seat on the ground, patiently waiting until the time came.]

[[ooc: This takes place right before midnight on Sunday during the body swap. He locked himself up so that he'd possibly have himself a cute apostle~ >DDDDD Feel free to notice she's missing but please don't find her yet cuz he'z got planz~ Thanks!]]


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