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[Accidental Video:]

[The feed turns on to show the sinner sitting in the inner garden of the Cathedral. A rare and advanced piece of technology--a compact holograph--in hand, he somberly stared at it before realizing that he's being recorded.

A cold piercing glare aimed back at its viewer, he cracked a mocking smile with a light 'hmph.']

This ticking is quite something. I've almost forgotten about its presence. Two weeks and its gotten this loud and bothersome.

[A small bird lands on his shoulder, almost to console as he heaved a sigh. Despite the grin on his face and the enthused voice he used, his eyes spoke differently, conveying a hint of aggravation and discontent to those keen enough to pick it up.]

Bravo. You've successfully thrown me into another loop. [He then narrowed his eyes and dropped his octave to sternly phrase the next to address the rulers.]

Though don't think you've taken anything.

[ooc; He's been hearing the ticking louder since Lilith's leave~ and he's pissed that his mommy ultimate weapon has left. XDD;;]
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