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[The feed turns on to display a brief close up view of the demon's face before quickly spanning across the scene to show a full view of the City from above. If one were to be perspective enough, he or she would be able to tell that he was on the roof top of one of the tallest buildings looking over the city. With a light laughter, he began to speak ecstatically.]

Bingo! And so the month ends with betrayal and envy after a heartwarming session of teamwork, ha ha ha. [He bent his arm so that the view was back on Aion's face, but looking up at him from an angle. He lightly shrugs and gestures with his other hand as he playfully lectures.]

Though I suppose one could see it in a different light depending on just how the situation was dealt with. Survival of the fittest. Taking advantage is one of the keys to survival after all. Only a fool would think or feel otherwise.
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